5 Sustainable Web Design Ideas to Save Energy and the Planet

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The topic of sustainable development is one that dominated the environmental space alone for a long, long while.

That, until the ripple effect of the lack of consciousness for our environments began to show. It has caused more sectors to take a step back to reconsider the way things have always been gotten done, to substitute it for ways that work to save energy and the planet.

Many have shared, on UK.collected.reviews, the notions they have about some of these technologies introduced for the sole purpose of saving energy. Customers’ experiences about energy companies have also been shared, and below are five sustainable web design ideas to save energy and the planet:

Improving the SEO:

SEO is the search engine optimization for a site, and it concerns how fast or slow a page loads. One may wonder the impact this has on the environment. Devices used for the purpose of accessing the internet produces a good chunk of what percent amounts for global emission, and working with the current rates, would be a disaster in years to come, especially with how much domination tech is beginning to enjoy in practically every facet of development. Where a site is not optimized to its best form, having broken links or a poor site speed, longer time will be spent on the internet, giving its own seemingly little but major contribution to the waste of energy.

Green Hosting:

The term ‘green’ is one that points to an environmentally conscious endeavor. To use a green host, is to care simply for more than the mechanics involved in the maintenance and site design, but also the powers used to generate the maintenance. This means that the servers responsible for keeping your site run is generated by renewable energy.

Ease of Use:

Designs are peculiar with every site found, and there are those whose purpose appears to simply keep a user on the site for the longest time, by making subjects difficult to find. While this may appear counterproductive, the truth is that the longer time spent on sites, the more ads that would be encountered. It is the way some make the most money on their sites (ad-click rates). Creating ease in the use of your site would mean having subjects in categories and subcategories, and also, having a search icon (that works!).


High resolution videos, the emails, and the video streaming can still be done in a reduced file size. This would mean the removal or reduction of characters that are really unnecessary but adds to the file size. In essence, where there are fewer requests to servers, more energy will be conserved.

Enable the Caches:

When this is done, the elements from the site are saved in the device once visited, that if again visited at another time, will not cause it to be re-downloaded, which would take up more space.

Embedding videos from a host application or site instead of putting up the same videos on your site page is another way energy can be conserved in the web design space. As the consciousness on how to save energy is welcoming new developments, the same should be embraced in the web scene.