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With Technology Your Nonprofit Will Raise More Money

NonProfit PRO recently released a study called “2018 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study: A Look at the Challenges Nonprofit Leadership Is Facing and How to Address Them.” One of the findings of that report was the fact that:

  • 63 percent of respondents to their survey stated that digital fundraising accounted for less than 20 percent of their total revenue.
  • 20 percent of those who responded said that digital fundraising accounted for 21 to 30 percent of their total revenue.

Not prioritizing technology is a missed opportunity!

Why Mobile Matters

I say it often, mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s all about mobile, and in the quick-paced environment of today, even in the nonprofit sector, the organizations that are succeeding are those that are putting aside the traditional fundraising solutions and embracing technology fully, especially and including mobile.

As reported by August Ash about global mobile facts, in October of 2016, there was more … Read More

Local Business Marketing – 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your SEO

A recent study released in early 2018 by BrandMuscle has revealed that only 3% of small and medium businesses in the United States are hiring experts or external agencies to do the marketing for their businesses, with over 60% choosing to do the marketing themselves, or relying on in-house “specialists”. The study also mentioned SEO, or search engine optimization as one of the popular local business marketing tactics for SMBs because they find it to be one of the easiest strategies to implement. The report’s authors however concluded that small and local businesses were getting miserable results and low return on their investment by taking the do-it-yourself route, especially regarding SEO.

So, why is it highly ineffective for local business owners to try and optimize their web properties themselves?

I have compiled 5 reasons why it is not only ineffective but risky as well for a small business owner to … Read More

3 Key Features of the Garmin 1350LMT

Over the years, Garmin has been able to build a worldwide reputation as well as a satisfied clientele as one of the leading manufacturers of Global Positioning Systems, GPS. One of the products from the company that deserves special attention at this point is the Garmin nuvi 1350LMT, popularly referred to simply as the Garmin 1350LMT. This GPS follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Garmin nuvi 1350 in terms of the quality and reliability that the users of these gadgets have grown to love so much. In addition, the Garmin 1350LMT comes with a number of special features and modifications that were previously not available in the earlier versions, clearly setting it apart in a class of its own, far above its predecessors.

At this point, a short discussion of some of the newest and most interesting inclusions in the features of the Garmin 1350LMT should serve to … Read More

3D and 4D Mind Maps for Tracking, Analyzing and Programming Artificial Intelligence

Recently I had an interesting discussion from a Midwest US Grad Student on the possibilities of a 3D, 4D Mind Map, which would in fact take the entire MindMap concept to the next level. Currently the Online Think Tank is engaged in on-going topics of the use of human mind mapping and its uses in AI or Artificial Intelligence.

My concept is to make the mind map more dynamic in 3D and 4D; for instance using a wheel as the center of the MindMap and then visualizing it as it turns. Allowing it to flow or roll along a line or distance space on the line representing a; question-decision phase that needs to be made.

As the wheel passes by it covers all the potential personal mindmap characteristics of the individual. It skips those irrelevant in the process and also folds the line to delete those question points in the … Read More

Research on Event Software Shows the Use of Technology in Event Management is Growing

A recent study into the uses of event software in the event management industry shows that event organisers are embracing the use of various technologies to help plan and manage their events. The research was conducted online, during the month of November 2009. Participants were asked to rate what type of event software they use on a regular basis. The four most popular tools were:

– Email Marketing

– Online Registrations

– Online Surveys

– Event Reporting & Analysis

13% of respondents said that the use of email marketing was now one of the main event software tools being used to help manage their events. This increase in use can be attributed to the advancing sophistication of such tools, as well as their ability to provide a cost effect method of promotion during the current recession.

Email marketing can be used to promote an event beforehand, to send targeted personalised … Read More

Emerging Technology Is Changing How You Can Do Business

I love technology, and we’re fortunate to be living at a time when most of us are experiencing the great evolution of technology. For instance, we have cars that are out on our streets driving themselves. We have incredible advances in medicine and have eradicated diseases. And, as the U.S. shifts from government to public and private partnerships, I’m sure that we’re going to see incredible achievements in the space industry as humanity seeks to create a society that will thrive beyond the boundaries of Earth. The success of the reusable rocket by SpaceXin 2017 is a step in the right direction. However, technology can also be straightforward and affect our daily lives and businesses.

Zoom Room

In my company, one of the technologies that have fundamentally shifted how my team, client and our vendors relate to each other and work is Zoom. Zoom is one of the top video … Read More

5 Key Benefits Of SEO Video Marketing

SEO video marketing is one of the more effective ways to reach your target audience. SEO and video content is very beneficial for business. Marketing to make a lasting impression can have a major impact on your business. Video is powerful content and contributes a great deal with SEO. Here are five key benefits of SEO video marketing.

1. Video marketing is great for SEO

Videos can boost SEO rankings on both major platforms Google and YouTube. Having a well optimized video that reaches your target audience is more likely to become visible in search engines. An optimized title and description lets Google know what it is about. Being that Google shows videos in their search results, its great for a businesses marketing and SEO. Creating links from your video to your website leads to higher rankings in search results.The higher you rank, the more traffic you will potentially get.… Read More

Lack of Money and Wealth? Attract More With Neuro Linguistic Programming

The growing global trend is the desire for many people like you me to make more money and become wealthier. We all want to improve our financial circumstances.

Not only do you want to increase your income but you definitely need to efficiently spend and use the dollars and pounds that you have worked so hard for.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or more fondly called by its successful proponents as NLP is the new global trend used by advanced and progressive thinkers to improve finances; financial stability and financial sustainability.

NLP is Easy to Do

What Happens when we do NLP is that we transform ourselves into a cash magnet. You can literally attract cash in your daily transactions.

You use changes in voice tone, body language and thought patterns to alter and Program your mind and change your mental condition to literally become a cash magnet.

Those who have … Read More

Improve the Functioning of the Church – Opt for Church Software Now

Churches, charities and nonprofits face the most number of managerial problems considering the widespread things that need to be taken care of. Irrespective of the size of the church or charity the one thing that remains constant is how these regular problems can turn into real big issues, eventually affecting the overall performance of the church.

With a number of things that need to be considered it is best that you choose some church software, probably the kind that suits all your requirements and falls well within your budget. If you’re unsure about certain software for your church or charity make sure you read this article until the end and get some valuable information about the importance of the software.

Here are some of the reasons for the same –

a) Effective and Efficient – The one thing about software for churches that makes them most important is that they … Read More

Current Affairs: The Next American Economy by William Holstein Technology Clusters and Ecosystems

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 9.2 percent in June 2011. That number remains frustratingly consistent each month as millions of Americans struggle to find work.

It’s clear that many of the jobs lost over the last several decades, and during the Great Recession of 2008, are extinct. It’s said that the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing, yet hoping for different results.

Government stimulus packages and extended unemployment benefits are Band-aids for what, William Holstein, author of the new book, “The Next American Economy-A Blueprint for a Real Recovery,” identifies as structural challenges in America’s economy. Holstein has traveled the United States writing about globalization and economics for major business publications.

How will our country reinvent its workforce for the 21st century, and in what industries? Holstein believes our economic rebirth lies in technology clusters and ecosystems.

Following is a cross-sectional … Read More