Best gaming desks for your PC setup

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A gaming desk that fits your needs is more vital to your PC setup than you might think — from L-shaped, to motorized, and everything in between, these are our top picks.

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If gaming on a PC could be distilled down into just two things, the first is that the games you play can be more demanding thanks to its inherent power. (As opposed to, say, laptop or console gaming.) The second though is that you’ll have a pretty overwhelming set of options when it comes to your setup.

The burden of that second thing is on you, and it’s a deterrent for a lot of people who consider getting into the PC gaming space. We can understand why — the initial investment that PC gaming requires is huge, both financially and mentally. You have to really take the time to pick out each part of your setup, and then be prepared to drop a pretty penny on all of it. Choosing parts doesn’t just come down to what’s going in your PC tower, though. You’ll also have to put a decent amount of time into choosing accessories like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and a desk. 

While it might not strike you as a vital piece of your PC setup, your gaming desk can actually make all the difference in your experience in terms of comfort and organization. There’s a ton of options out there, though, and finding the one that’s right for you and the space you’re working with can be an intimidating task. 

As you probably could’ve guessed, we’re going to help you out with that. 

What should I look for in a gaming desk?

There are a lot of attributes you’ll want to focus on while shopping for a gaming desk, but we recommend that you give special attention to these five categories:

  1. Shape and size: Your choice here will usually come down to either an L-shaped desk, or a more traditional one. The amount of space you need and how much gear you have (as well as the size of the area you’ll be placing it in) will inform what you end up getting.

  2. Surface area: The overall surface area of your desk is super important — all your stuff is going to be on it, after all. Make sure to check the dimensions and be positive that your monitor, keyboard, and other PC parts will fit comfortably.

  3. Other dimensions: You’ll also want to take note of all the other dimensions, too. Is there enough space underneath for your chair to fit? Is there enough depth to ensure that you can place your keyboard in front of the monitor?

  4. Storage: Not all gaming desks have storage, and not everyone will need it, but if it’s going to double as a work station or a home for other electronics, you’ll want something that can house all of that stuff. 

  5. Add-ons: Take note of any add-ons you want to be included with your desk (or if there are options to customize later). This can range from monitor stands, to headset holders, to adjustable height functions. You might not want or need all the bells and whistles at the moment, but think about the long-run and if you eventually see yourself building upon your initial setup. 

Having a desk with ample storage is a nice bonus.

Having a desk with ample storage is a nice bonus.

What size gaming desk should I get?

This will be dependent on the size of your PC setup and how much space you have to spare.

Take stock of all the PC parts you have — monitor, tower, and accessories included. If you want to get really creative, lay them out how you’ll want them to look on your desk to get an idea of how much space they’ll take up.

Also, take a look at the room you’ll be putting the desk in. Are you dedicating an entire office to it? Or will it be tucked away in a small alcove? If you have a lot of space to work with, you may be able to pull off a big L-shaped desk that’ll give you ample room for the ultimate gaming experience (nothing wrong with keeping it minimalist, though).

From there, you should have all the information you need to get your new gaming desk confidently. 

What’s the best gaming desk?

Now that you have an idea of what kind of gaming desk will fit your specific needs based on your space and personal preferences, picking out your gaming-desk-to-be should be a lot more straightforward. 

Here are our picks for the best gaming desks you can get right now, each specializing in a different category for a different type of person. 

Large surface area for multiple monitors or ultrawide • Manually adjustable height • Surface-wide, water-resistant mouse pad • Cord management cutouts

Some reviewers said theirs was a bit wobbly, but your mileage may vary

If you’re a multi-monitor or ultrawide PC gamer, the Arozzi Arena should provide you with all the space you need to enjoy your experience.

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The large surface can hold up to three monitors (or an ultrawide one), and the desk-wide mouse pad is a sweet bonus.

  • Surface area (in):
    63 x 32
If your setup includes an ultrawide monitor (or just multiple monitors), your gaming desk is going to need a lot of space. The Arozzi Arena desk provides just that.
With a 63-inch by 32-inch surface, you’ll be able to comfortably fit your monitor(s) without a hitch — it can fit up to three. Another great feature is the surface-wide mouse pad, which allows you to use your mouse literally anywhere on the desk without running out of tracking space. It’s water-resistant, too, so you’ll be protected against spills. 
You’ll also be able to adjust the desk’s height manually, and it has three different cord management cutouts to keep everything looking neat. If you’ve got a lot of equipment and enjoy an ultrawide setup, you’ll be a fan of the Arozzi Arena.

Tons of room for gear and add-ons • Headphone and cup holders • Raised monitor stand • Minimalistic design

You’ll have to move your chair around often to reach opposite ends of the desk

With the Respawn’s amount of space and quality-of-life add-ons, you won’t find a better L-shaped gaming desk at this price.

2. Respawn L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Perfect for those with a lot of space, you’ll also get handy accessories like a monitor stand, headphone holders, and more.

  • Surface area (in):
    66.25 x 66.25
If you’re dedicating a whole room to your PC setup, we say spring for an L-shaped desk. Why not, right?
This L-shaped desk from Respawn will be a lovely addition to your gaming corner — it’s minimalistic design isn’t an eyesore like a lot of other gaming-centric desks, and comes with a few nice quality-of-life features that you’ll enjoy, including a raised monitor stand and holders for headphones and drinks. 
And with all that space, the possibilities are endless for the gear you can add to your setup even after your purchase. Speakers, multiple monitors, a big old mouse pad, and whatever else you want to customize with are all within reach. 
If you’ve got the available space, we couldn’t recommend a better L-shaped desk for this price. 

Electronically adjustable height • Programmable presets • Cord management ports

Concave design takes away some precious equipment space

The ApexDesk Elite Series is great for switching up your posture throughout longer gaming sessions, and the built-in control pad makes it very easy to do so.

Adjustable desks are great for switching up your posture throughout the day so you don’t get restless or end up hurting your back. If you’re prone to long gaming sessions (whether purposefully or not), the ApexDesk Elite Series will help ensure that you’re not aching at the end of it. 
Equipped with a handy button pad, you can adjust the height on the fly without disrupting your gaming session too much. You can even program four different height presets for even faster adjustments. 
Other than that, it’s a solidly made desk with plenty of space for your equipment, as well as two cord management holes on each side. If keeping good posture and avoiding back pain is your priority, this desk is the way to go. 

Compact for small spaces • Four-tier shelf can be installed on either side • Sturdy frame

Assembly is harder than it should be

If you’ve got a small space and need extra storage to keep things organized, this desk is a good choice at an affordable price.

One thing you won’t find in a lot of gaming desks: storage. This desk from Tangkula has that. 
It’s technically not a gaming desk, but it totally could be. The desk has a beautiful minimalist style that should fit seamlessly with the rest of your decor, and features a four-level shelf that can be installed on either side. You can use it for anything from headphones, to speakers, to office supplies if your desk doubles as a work station. The whole thing is super compact, and will work great for smaller spaces.
If you want a nice looking desk with ample storage, this Tangkula is a good (and affordable) option. 

Adjustable monitor stand • Built-in accessories • Great price for what you get

Some reviewers said that the headphone hooks feel a bit flimsy

If you don’t want an adjustable desk but also don’t want neck pain, you won’t go wrong with the GTracing’s nifty monitor stand.

5. GTracing Gaming Desk

An all-round great option thanks to its affordable price, built-in accessories, and adjustable monitor stand to keep you from straining your neck.

  • Surface area (in):
    47 x 25.5
If you’re not going to go for an adjustable desk, having a raised monitor is probably the next best thing for your posture (especially if you have a great gaming chair to go with it). 
The biggest selling point of the GTracing gaming desk is exactly that — it has an adjustable (horizontally) monitor stand that’s sturdy enough to support an ultrawide screen. Just don’t go shaking it. 
The desk has a decent amount of space without taking up a large portion of the room, and we love the included accessories like the speaker and controller holder, headphone hooks, and powerstrip holder underneath.
The GTracing gaming desk is an overall solid option at a good price, and will keep your neck from being sore at the end of your gaming sessions. 

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