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The upcoming launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has pushed PC gaming out of the spotlight this holiday, but that doesn’t mean PC gamers are left by the wayside when it comes to deals. Amazon has a number of great deals on gaming headsets, mice, and keyboards as well as components for your PC. There are a number of other retailers having their own competing sales, including Best Buy and Newegg, both of which are discounting a wide variety of PC gaming-focused products.

Unfortunately, when it comes to stock shortages of PC gaming accessories and components, there have been quite a few shortages. We suggest snagging any deals you find during Prime Day 2020 because there’s no guarantee Black Friday will feature better discounts–or the product at all. Thankfully, however, Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg have been reliable PC retailers in the last few months, so you’re bound to find some great deal during Prime Day 2020.

Of course, it can be difficult trying to keep track of everything, and you might miss some deals altogether. That’s why we’ve collected all of the best deals on everything PC gaming. Be sure to stay tuned to this page because we’ll keep it updated as items go out of stock and new products go on sale. And if you’re looking for more great gaming deals, check out our articles on the best 4K TV deals and best deals on hard drives.

$115 (was $200)

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The Corsair K95 gaming keyboard is an excellent option for dedicated PC gamers, and right now, Amazon has a great deal on it for $115. That’s down from its regular price of $200. The keyboard boasts a lot of customization options, including RGB lighting and six programmable macro keys on the left side.

$110 (was $130)

a close up of a keyboard

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The Corsair Strafe Mk.2 gaming keyboard features silent Cherry MX mechanical keys, making it an estimated 30% quieter than its counterparts. It also features adjustable RGB lighting, programmable macros and profiles, and extra keycaps for those who enjoy MOBAs and first-person shooters.

$28 (was $40)

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The Corsair M55 RGB pro gaming mouse features customizable RGB lighting and eight programmable buttons, which you can map to a variety of functions and macros on your PC. It also features a 12,400 DPI adjustable sensor.

$50 (was $80)

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If you play a lot of MMOs, need a lot of macros, or just enjoy a long gaming session, then the Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse is a great option. Its ergonomics are extremely comfortable, and it features 12 programmable side buttons that are perfect for command-heavy games like MMOs and RPGs.

$55 (was $80)

a close up of a earphone

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Corsair’s Void line of gaming headsets is compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, though its 7.1 virtual surround sound feature is exclusive to PC–thankfully, if you plan to use it with a next-gen console, you should still be able to take advantage of the PS5’s proprietary 3D audio tech.

Available in Cherry and Carbon

$48 (was $63)

a screen shot of a computer

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Corsair’s MM800 Polaris RGB mouse pad features a non-slip rubber base, low-friction micro-textured surface, and 15 RGB LED lights that you can customize through Corsair’s iCUE software application.

$1,150 (was $1,450)

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For $300 off, you can get this great Asus gaming PC that comes equipped with an RTX 2060 Super, Ryzen 7 3700X processor, and 16GB DDR4 RAM. This is more than enough to run the vast majority of modern games at 1080p and decent settings. It also comes with a 512GB SSD for storing your games.

$2,000 (was $2,200)

a laptop computer

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This Asus ROG Strix Scar gaming laptop is packed with power, thanks to its i7-10875H processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and RTX 2070 Super graphics card. This thing is more than capable of handling modern games at great settings–though you may not be able to enjoy all that with ray-tracing. With its 1TB SSD, it’s a particularly exciting package for any PC gamer.

$1,300 (was $1,450)

a close up of a computer

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The Acer Predator Helios is a modest gaming laptop that can handle most modern games at decent settings. Its chassis houses an RTX 2060 graphics card, i7-10750H processor, 16GB DDR RAM, and a 1TB SSD.

$180 (was $200)

a close up of a computer

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This Samsung 27-inch curved monitor boasts a resolution of 1080p and refresh rate of 60Hz. It features FreeSync technology, which allows the display to match the refresh rate of your game (up to 60Hz) and keep everything looking smooth.

$120 (was $160)

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This LG 24-inch 1080p monitor features a slightly higher refresh rate of 75Hz. Paired with FreeSync, it will make your games look smooth and stutter-free.

$90 (was $100)

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The Corsair iCUE 220T gaming PC case features great airflow with three cooling fans and tons of room inside the case. The RGB lighting can also be customized with Corsair’s iCUE software on your PC once it’s setup.

$150 (was $170)

a close up of a camera

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The Corsair H100i RGB liquid cooling system is one of the best you can buy. We included it in our PC gaming build guide, and you won’t be disappointed by the cooling power it provides your CPU–not to mention the RGB lighting that’s customizable through the Corsair iCUE app.

$300 (was $340)

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The RTX 2060 isn’t the most powerful or modern graphics card, but if you’re looking to make a budget PC, it’s a great option. This particular Zotac Gaming model is $40 off until October 16.

$100 (was $140)

a close up of a device

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If you need a power supply capable of working with a high-end gaming PC, then this 750W EVGA Supernova power supply gives you enough headroom to power a premium PC gaming experience.

$128 (was $160)

a circuit board

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This AMD-based Asus TUF Gaming motherboard is $32 off until October 16. If you’re building a gaming PC with an AMD processor, then this is a great budget option. It’s compatible with HDMI 2.1, PCIe NVMe M.2 SSDs, and USB 3.2.

$120 (was $140)

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If you’re looking for great, reliable RAM, then Corsair Vengeance is an excellent option. 32GB of DDR4 RAM come in two 16GB RAM sticks, and you can get them for $20 off until October 16.

$88 (was $130)


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While the gaming world is moving on to NVMe M.2 SSDs for lightning-fast load speeds and more, SATA III SSDs are still worth your time. They’re much cheaper, and right now, you can snag a 1TB WD Blue 3D NAND SSD for $88 until October 14.

$350 (was $505)

graphical user interface

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Hard-disk drives may not be the best for gaming these days, but 14TB of storage for $350 is nothing to sneeze at. This will ensure you can keep everything that matters on your lower capacity SSDs–such as games, your OS, and more–without running out of space.

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