Does your PC need a graphics card if it’s not for gaming?

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Graphics cards have become a common addition to most PC builds you will find today. The video card facilitates the high-quality rendering of images to the user’s monitor.

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While the product is most associated with gaming, a graphics cards has a variety of different benefits even outside gaming.


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Many people looking to build a computer for the purpose of office use or video playback may be curious if the graphics card is a requirement or if it’s something they can go without to save money in the overall price.

Do I need a graphics card in my PC?

Not always. Users are not required to have a graphics card to use their PC. In fact, many of the onboard integrated graphics will be able to facilitate a variety of different tasks the user may find the need for. Tasks such as word processing, web viewing, and emailing are not going to require a graphics card to perform.

Many of the computers you will find in a typical office environment will be built with the bare necessities to support a fast workflow and will not commonly include additions such as a graphics card.

For gaming, it is still possible to do without having a dedicated graphics card inside the computer. Many older games and web-based browser games will be playable using the onboard integrated graphics, but you will not be able to play modern 3D rendered titles without the addition of a graphics card.

When would I need a graphics card?

Workers within the creative industry, such as video or photo editors, will greatly benefit from the addition of a graphics card, due to its dedicated rendering that will increase both performance and shorten render times.

Another reason a user may choose to purchase a graphics card is to acquire extra display inputs to run multiple high-quality monitors. Running multiple monitors is possible through the ports on the motherboard, but for the multiple tasks to be active at one time while using more than one display, having a dedicated graphics card is going to greatly increase performance.

If you have plans to play any games released in the past few years, you’re likely going to want to invest in a graphics card. Even on the off chance a title with run without it, you are likely to run into many issues that can often be solved with the use of a dedicated graphics card.

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