Fayetteville traffic: Lackluster report shows increase in traffic crashes, serious wrecks despite red light camera program

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) — The city of Fayetteville’s Red Light Camera Program is garnering very little results in their latest report, seeing an increase in traffic crashes and the seriousness of those wrecks.

City staff gathered the latest numbers for city council to look over at a future work session meeting; Councilwoman Yvonne Kinston requested the latest data.

Since 2015, when the program first started, at least 12 major intersections have had red light cameras installed. Some of those intersections include: Skibo Road at Morganton Road, Ramsey Street at Law Road and Bragg Boulevard at Cain Road. In that time, violators have received a $100 fine.

Despite city leaders’ wishes to see this program drop traffic crash numbers, the report shows an increase in nearly every metric.

The report collects data from the last two years at the 12 to 13 intersection spots. City officials said they’ve seen 30 more crashes in that time, a 5.8 percent uptick. In addition, the “average severity index” reveals a 15.5 percent jump in serious crashes that have occurred.

ABC11 reached out to Fayetteville police officials regarding these numbers. They told Eyewitness News one cause for the increase could be drivers trying to avoid a ticket by slamming on their breaks when they realize there’s a camera.

In that same two year span, the report shows a 4.5 percent increase in rear-end crashes and a 5.7 percent rise in angled crashes.

Mayor Mitch Colvin told ABC11 that city council plans to look and discuss the report in a future work session meeting.

One positive note is that only 12 percent of drivers caught running a red light are repeat violators.

As of Aug. 31, 2020, 125,921 citations have been issued since 2015.

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