LG Wing lands at Verizon on Oct. 15 for $1,000


Angela Lang/CNET

The LG Wing, a unique dual-screen phone that you swivel open, will launch on Verizon on Oct. 15 for $1,000. The phone will be available for preorder starting on Thursday. 

The Wing has two screens, one of which swivels on top of the other, allowing for things like multitasking and unique gameplay experiences. It also has three rear cameras, including an ultra-wide camera with a built in gimbal to stabilize video even while you’re moving around a lot. 

CNET’s Lynn La says the LG Wing isn’t for everybody, but found that the phone’s unique design gives multitasking and recording video a boost. LG estimates that the phone is durable enough to survive 200,000 rotations over the course of five years. 

Verizon is offering a handful of deals for people interested in buying the LG Wing. Customers can get the Wing for $41.66 a month for 24 months with a device payment plan, the carrier said. Verizon is also offering up to $750 if you add a line on select unlimited plans and purchase an LG Wing with an eligible trade-in. Existing customers can get up to $500 when purchasing an LG Wing with eligible trade-in on select unlimited plans. The carrier is also offering a Verizon gift card up to $250 to people who buy an LG Wing and port over a number to Verizon. 

The phone is expected to come to AT&T and T-Mobile later this fall.

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