Miles Morales Ultimate Edition’ Won’t Carry PS4 Saves To PS5


  • Over the weekend, “Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition” was revealed to include a remaster of 2018’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man” starring Peter Parker
  • Unfortunately, Insomniac Games revealed that saves from that PlayStation 4 title will not be carried over to the next-gen PlayStation 5
  • Securing the standard edition PlayStation 5 with a disc drive means you will not be able to get a physical version of “Spider-Man Remastered” on its own

For those who have been eagerly anticipating diving back into Manhattan on the PS5 after the news broke on the remastered edition of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” over the weekend, you might want to take a few steps back.

That PlayStation 4 title from Insomniac Games proved to be a massive hit and helped the developer push the boundaries even further with its coming “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” for the PlayStation 5. The 2018 title will, in fact, be available for the PS5 launch as part of “Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.”

With the ray-tracing, faster loading, and support for the DualSense controller’s new haptic feedback, an enhanced version of the 2018 “Marvel’s Spider-Man” starring Peter Parker was already being envisioned by fans of that game who were thinking of purchasing a PS5.

However, Insomniac Games confirmed on Twitter a bitter pill to swallow: you will not be able to transfer your saves from the original game to the remastered version, The Verge reports. Sony has yet to spell out how PlayStation 4 saves will work on the PlayStation 5 so it is not yet clear if this will be the exception or the rule.

Backwards compatibility remains an ambiguous topic for the PlayStation 5 although PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has said that it will be 99 percent backward compatible with PlayStation 4 titles tested on it thus far. Unfortunately, Sony has not indicated which games will and will not work on the console.

Sony has revealed that 18 classic PS4 titles can be played on the PS5 if gamers have a PlayStation Plus subscription although it has not yet been announced if you’ll be able to play the disc or downloaded versions of those titles or if your previous saves will carry over.

Supposedly, “select” PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games that do work on the PS5 will get “faster and smoother frame rates” though.

In addition, buying the standard edition PlayStation 5 with a disc drive means you will not be able to get a physical version of “Spider-Man Remastered” on its own, says Insomniac Games. Instead, it will only be available as part of the previously mentioned “Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.”

Spider-Man Insomniac Games’ ‘Spider-Man’ will arrive exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. Photo: Sony

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