Ministry of industry and information technology: continuously improve the brand image of “made in China”

Healthcare, Industrials Updated 1 hour ago (GMT+8)
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The general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on improving industrial quality and brand building in 2022. Focus on key industries such as machinery, electronics and automobile, promote the implementation of reliability “foundation construction project” and “multiplication plan”, strengthen the tackling of key basic materials and basic processes, improve the reliability level of core basic parts and components, and promote the improvement of key indicators of reliability of complete equipment. Give play to the restraint and leading role of standards on reliability requirements, organize the preparation of guidelines for the construction of reliability standard system in manufacturing industry, and strengthen the development of basic standards such as reliability design, test and verification and the connection of upstream and downstream standards in the industrial chain. Local competent industrial and information technology departments, industry associations and professional institutions should publicize and promote the “made in China” brand and tell the “made in China” brand story in combination with activities such as China’s industrial brand tour, the national brand story competition, the release of brand innovation achievements and the cultivation of high-quality brands in the industry.