Polaroid made an instant-film camera for The Mandalorian



Toys were a given. Clothing, backpacks, bedding and even a “The Child on Board” car magnet? Sure, those all fit. I have to say, though, I did not see The Mandalorian Polaroid camera coming, but here we are. The camera is the company’s Polaroid Now model released earlier this year but clad “in colors and textures inspired by the Mandalorian’s armor,” Polaroid says in its announcement. 

The $120 The Mandalorian Polaroid Now camera (£130, AU$165 converted) is joined by the Child-inspired i-Type film. Instead of the familiar white frame, the limited-edition is framed in colors inspired by the show’s palette and also features characters and symbols from the series. The Mandalorian i-Type color film is priced at $18 for an eight-print cartridge. You can also buy a bundle with three packs of film and the camera for $170



The Now camera is otherwise a solid point-and-shoot Polaroid with an autofocus lens that will switch for portrait or distance photos. It also has a more accurate flash that adjusts for lighting conditions, for better low-light results. Plus, the self-timer button on the front can be used for double exposures. An LED counter on the back lets you know how many shots are left in the eight-print packs of the company’s i-Type film.   

The special-edition camera and i-Type film arrive just in time for the new season of The Mandalorian set to kick off next month on Disney Plus.  

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