Rock Band GOODING to Use SEE2DO Technology Platform to Get Out the Vote

4 Entertainment/Black Train’s video “King For A Day” by rock band GOODING will be using the SEE2DO distribution technology platform to help get out the vote for the 2020 elections in November. The video will feature embedded links that drive viewers to websites that provide information on voting in their area, helping those who want to learn more about voter registration and voting procedures and to highlight the importance of voting in the upcoming election.

Rock Band GOODING to Use SEE2DO Technology Platform to Get Out the Vote

Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2020 –(– GOODING, an international touring rock band, is leveraging their music video “King For A Day” to help get out the vote, using SEE2DO, a technology platform that enables untethered online video marketing. SEE2DO’s Source Activated Moments (SAMs) provide in-video links to the band’s website, as well to websites where fans can register to vote and/or find out more about voting in their local area. Fans will be able to browse the voter information websites within the video viewing environment.

The band’s video is from their album, “Building the Sun,” on 4 Entertainment/Black Train Music and distributed through BFD, a boutique independent distributor with a global sub-distribution arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment’s the Orchard. “Building the Sun,” is an 11-song album produced by Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5, O.A.R., The Replacements, and Train).

GOODING is launching an online strategy that encourages their fans to learn more about voter registration and voting procedures, and to highlight the importance of voting in the upcoming election. SEE2DO’s special video technology provides the perfect online platform to promote this endeavor across all social media. SEE2DO’s patented technology, Source Activated Moments (SAMs), are real-time experiences offered to the viewer once the video begins to play. All interactions happen within the video viewing environment creating frictionless entertainment experience no matter where the video is viewed.

About GOODING: GOODING is a fearless, high-energy 3-piece rock n’ roll band based in Nashville, TN consisting of Gooding (guitars, vocals), Erin O’Neill (bass, vocals), and Kelsey Cook (drums). They play over 150 clubs, high schools, and theaters a year, and have more than 2000 shows in over 200 cities under their belt. The band has been featured in over 500 film and television placements, and helped form Funding The Future, a 501(c)(3) non-profit where they and other artists perform for and teach financial literacy to high school students in an effort to combat income inequality.

About SEE2DO: SEE2DO is a Garrett Park, Maryland viral online advertising company that uses patented technologies which works across all video screens and devices to transform video content into a multi-screen, multi-touch experience. Their technology creates activated video, a powerful marketing tool that fosters engagement and drives action. The platform enables marketing efforts to collect donations, sell merchandise, sign up volunteers, view upcoming events and capture valuable insights without leaving the video. Social networking, text or email marketing efforts, such as political campaigns, real estate videos or general brand awareness, and merchandise sales can easily be launched, promoted, shared, and tracked.

About 4 Entertainment: 4 Entertainment is an entertainment business, marketing consultancy, music label and management company that leverages its international business expertise, extensive contacts, and innovative strategies to expedite clients’ objectives, create strategic partnerships, and achieve profitable results. The company provides advisory services to individuals, brands, companies, and new and established entertainment talent.

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