DDoS attacks are getting more powerful as attackers change tactics

There’s been a surge in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks throughout the course of this year, and the attacks are getting more powerful and more disruptive.

DDoS attacks are launched against websites or web services with the aim of disrupting them to the extent that they are taken offline. Attackers direct the traffic from a botnet army of hundreds of thousands of PCs, servers and other internet-connected devices they’ve gained control of via malware towards the target, with the aim of overwhelming it.

An attack can last for just seconds, or hours or days and prevent legitimate users from accessing the online service for that time.

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And while DDoS attacks have been a nuisance for years, the prospect of corporate, e-commerce, healthcare, educational and other services being disrupted at a time when the ongoing global pandemic means more people are reliant

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