Some Apple Watch Series 3 owners dealing with crashes after watchOS 7 update

Some owners of the Apple Watch Series 3 have complained about the update to watchOS 7 causing crashes and shutdowns, in what could be early teething issues for the operating system.

The launch of a new operating system or a milestone version update usually brings with it some initial problems, which are usually fixed in initial patches and updates post-launch. For watchOS 7, it seems that the Apple Watch Series 3 is suffering the lion’s share of issues.

In a thread in Apple’s support forums, a group of Series 3 owners are griping about stability issues with watchOS 7 on their devices, endured since the update’s installation. Common complaints include unprompted crashes and reboots, as well as battery drainage problems.

One user on September 18 reported by 9to5Mac said their Apple Watch “shut itself down at least 3 times, locked itself while on my wrist 4 times,

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