IBM Watson Demonstrates New Natural Language Processing Advancement in Premiere of “That’s Debatable”

ARMONK, N.Y., Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In the debut episode of “That’s Debatable” on Bloomberg Television, IBM Watson used a new advancement in natural language processing (NLP) from IBM Research to provide insight into the global public opinion on the motion: “It’s Time to Redistribute the Wealth.” More than 3,500 submissions were collected online from around the world on the topic, analyzed and distilled into key points that were used in the debate.

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″ That’s Debatable ” – a new, limited series presented by Bloomberg Media and Intelligence Squared U.S. and sponsored exclusively by IBM (NYSE: IBM ) – features industry leaders, economists, policy makers and public intellectuals debating some of today’s most pressing issues. In its premiere on October 9, moderator and host John Donvan convened a vibrant debate with former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich and former Greece Finance

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