VCs are debating if the pitch deck should really be so important

  • The startup community is having a big debate on whether the classic Powerpoint-like presentations known as pitch decks should really remain so central to the money-raising process or if they can — and should — be replaced by conversations.
  • Some say conversations and relationships should rule.
  • But several venture capitals begged founders not to listen to this. They say pitch decks are crucial in helping founders tell their stories.
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Some startup founders say that when it comes to convincing venture capitalists to invest, the good old-fashioned pitch deck, a Powerpoint presentation that sells investors on the company, is dead and founders should do “conversations” instead. 

But when Breather cofounder Julien Smith voiced his support of such a thing, he set off a big debate on Twitter where some VCs pleaded with the startup world not to listen.

“The best investor ‘pitches’ are actually

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