The science deficit in the White House

As of Friday, June 30, the science division of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) was completely unstaffed, as the three remaining employees left the building, reported CBS News. “Science division out. Mic drop,” tweeted one of those employees, Elle Celeste. The disregard for scientific inquiry and opinion at the highest level of the land has MIT Technology Review Associate Editor Mike Orcutt worried. As he notes in an article published today, it is “only the latest indication that the Trump White House is not concerned that science and technology experts be part of its day-to-day decision making.”

As plastics professionals, you have to reckon with science pretty much on a daily basis. It determines material properties and how things get made. It seems to me that science also should have a seat at the White House table when decisions are being made, if only

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