Google’s new Chromecast demonstrated a week early

Google’s new Chromecast device has leaked once again, giving us a detailed look at the TV dongle’s hardware and user interface. The leak comes after Redditor u/fuzztub07 was able to buy the unannounced “Chromecast with Google TV” dongle early from a local Walmart. They’ve since published a series of photographs of the included hardware and its manual, as well as a video of its user interface.

We already had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the device thanks to a series of leaks that have emerged throughout the course of this year. At its core it’s an Android TV streaming device (now rebranded to Google TV), which you can control with an included remote, but it also supports Chromecast streaming from compatible apps. The new photos and videos, combined with the fact that u/fuzztub07 has been actively responding to dozens of questions about the device, provide lots

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