RazerCon 2020 is an online event covering games, new products, and tech demos

Razer has announced its own conference called RazerCon 2020. Hosted by Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan, the new all-digital event will show you the company’s latest hardware, unseen footage from upcoming games, contests, and include the presence of multiple gaming celebrities and virtual concerts. 

RazerCon 2020 will be a “global mixed reality keynote” with Singapore on its background. Min-Liang Tan will start by showcasing some of what Razer has been working on through an immersive experience “which incorporates augmented real-time effects, along with live-composited visuals”. Razer’s upcoming conference will be the first RGB lighting-reactive live stream, where your Razer Chroma RGB gear can be synchronized with the stream to present you with unique RGB lighting show.

The first-ever RazerCon will be streamed on Razer’s Facebook account and on Razer’s Twitch and YouTube channels. During RazerCon, partners such as Western Digital will show some of their upcoming products, but there are also

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