California man finds a new passion in building desks for at-home learners

Hansanuwat noticed his son had several fifth-grade classmates who seemed to be doing their virtual learning on a sofa, a bed or the floor. Without a proper surface to write or type on, they struggled to stay focused. Hansanuwat knew that millions of Americans staying home for work or school had forced a desk shortage; prices were high and delivery times had ballooned. So he posted on social media offering to build a simple desk for anybody who needed one, free of charge.

He expected a handful of responses and was pleasantly surprised that he received 18 in the first two weeks. Then somebody shared his post with a local news station.

“They aired the story and things just went nuts,” he said. “I spent the next two days not building anything, just going through the messages to get everyone onto a list of requests. Eventually I cut the list

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The Best Gaming Desk Of 2020: Computer Desks For Console And PC Gaming

If you want to get into PC gaming or just figure out the best upgrade for your current setup, the most important factor is arguably your gaming desk. You can have a flashy PC with powerful specs, a 4K monitor, and the best gaming headset or mouse, but if you don’t have the right space to bring it all together, you’ll be left feeling disappointed with the entire setup.

What to look for in a gaming desk

The best gaming desk will offer you plenty of space for all your gaming gear: from monitor and keyboard to mouse, speakers, headset stand, and any other accessories you want to have in your gaming setup. We’re talking about tech you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on, so you want to make sure your PC gaming desk is sturdy enough to support all that heavy equipment. It’s important to consider the desk’s frame

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Best gaming desks for your PC setup

A gaming desk that fits your needs is more vital to your PC setup than you might think — from L-shaped, to motorized, and everything in between, these are our top picks.

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If gaming on a PC could be distilled down into just two things, the first is that the games you play can be more demanding thanks to its inherent power. (As opposed to, say, laptop or console gaming.) The second though is that you’ll have a pretty overwhelming set of options when it comes to your setup.

The burden of that second thing is on you, and it’s a deterrent for a lot of people who consider getting into the PC gaming space. We can understand

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