3 Difficult Questions New York Yankees Must Confront When It Comes To Future Planning

The New York Yankees have been eliminated from postseason competition and this time it is courtesy of their current rival, the Tampa Bay Rays. There is a profound sense of disappointment and frustration surrounding the Yankees as they are expected to be World Series contenders every season. However, they have not lived up to the hype for several years. The Yankees have not won an American League pennant or World Series since 2009 and have become synonymous with premature exits from the postseason. Between the 2010-2020 seasons, the Yankees have qualified for the postseason eight times and only made it to the American League

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Following The Science Difficult In A World Of Tradeoffs

“Follow the science” sounds like a wise course of action in the Covid-19 pandemic, or for climate change and a host of other difficult issues. Business leaders trying to anticipate government policy would do well to understand where science is taking politicians. But the simple mantra of follow the science misses the key lesson of economics: choices are about trade-offs.

We cannot have everything we want. That is a fundamental principle of economics presenting in Chapter One of most textbooks, but it’s also true far afield from economics. If we want to spend more time with family, we have to give up time doing other things. If we want longer life expectancy, we have to give up some risky behaviors. That fundamental economics principle makes following the science impossible.

If we want fewer deaths from Covid-19, what do we have to give up?. It’s not just jobs and

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