Analyzing Tesla’s Disappointing 3Q20 Unit Sales Data

First and foremost, it was a miss.  That’s why TSLA shares are trading lower today.  The Internet was full yesterday of buffoons screaming about a deliveries number “in the 140s” and Tesla’s report of 139,300 units delivered in the third quarter falls short of that estimate.  The “whisper” estimate for Tesla’s 3Q2020 deliveries was higher—north of 145,000 units—but I won’t dishonor my beloved profession of equity analysis by naming the buffoons who pumped TSLA shares yesterday. 

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Apple’s Disappointing Decision Revealed In New MacBook Pro Leak

Apple is widely expected to launch two new MacBooks during October. They will be the first hardware available to the public using the new ARM-based processors instead of the current Intel chips. This is part of a planned two-year transition towards Apple using its own silicon over all of the Mac platform.

The laptops are very much on the bleeding edge of technology, but not much is expected to change on the outside – those who are looking for new design ideas and up to date technology outside of the move to ARM are going to have to wait until the back half of 2021.

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