Corsair sinks in IPO, but stay-at-home could be good for the do-it-yourself gaming company

Corsair Gaming, a hardware and accessory company, is going public Wednesday under the ticker symbol CRSR. On launch, its shares were priced at $15 and its shares were down about 4% in mid-afternoon trading.

a person sitting at a desk using a computer mouse

© Corsair/Facebook

Corsair (CRSR) sells gaming hardware and accessories, including computer parts that people can use to build their own custom PCs, mice, headsets and keyboards. The company has grown its revenue to $1.3 billion over the last 12 months ending in June.

Because of its emphasis on computer parts, a lot of Corsair’s business is geared toward the PC gamer segment, meaning the company’s growth partially depends on whether more console gamers and non-gamers convert over to PCs.

During Covid-19, it looks like more people are indeed turning to building their own gaming PCs, including Superman actor Henry Cavill, who went viral for assembling one on camera. Games that are exclusive to the PC

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