DOOM Eternal, Forza Motorsport 7, and more come to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming in October

The spooky month of October is almost upon us, so Xbox is giving us a sneak peek at all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the first half. The trend that started last month continues here, with game announcements now including Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android devices as well as consoles and PC, which are all included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox also doesn’t want people to forget how EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 10, launching alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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Games being added include gems like DOOM Eternal and Forza Motorsport 7, as well as the wonderful classic Brütal Legend, which is definitely worth a play.

There are also a handful of games leaving the service in October, so be sure to check the list and

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Next Normal notes on CRM/CX/CE: Microsoft Ignite? It’s really all about Doom

This is the beginning of what will probably be my “next normal” — a cross between a newsletter and an opinion piece — though not as long as I usually do them. 

Why am I changing? Partly, because I just don’t want to write 5,000-word posts at the moment, though, knowing me, that will change, and I will be doing that again, knowing how much you must miss reading my interminably long writing. Second, a lot is going on, and I’m going to have to be a bit more topical than normal. So, the idea is to do an ongoing newsletter-like format with one bigger (though not by my normal standards) section and then a few very short observations — pithy or otherwise. This series will work in conjunction with the “building a home studio for your business” series I’m doing.

I will be writing the longer pieces when my

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Doom Eternal is the first game to arrive on Xbox Game Pass following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax

Following a teaser from the Xbox Game Pass team yesterday, Microsoft has announced that Doom Eternal is heading to the company’s gaming subscription service. The 2020 sequel to the fantastic 2016 reboot will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for consoles on October 1st and will launch on Game Pass for PC later this year.

It’s the first game to arrive on Xbox Game Pass from ZeniMax Media, which Microsoft announced it was acquiring earlier this week. ZeniMax is the parent company for several high-profile gaming studios, including Bethesda and id Software, Doom’s developer.

Now that Microsoft owns all these gaming IPs, it makes sense that games not already on the service will eventually make their way to both platforms. Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that particular detail, noting in a blog post that the company “will be adding Bethesda’s iconic franchises to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.”

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‘Doom Eternal’ Will Probably Be The Next Major Game Pass Title

It looks like id’s Doom Eternal, which came out six months ago, will be the first big Bethesda title to hit Game Pass in the wake of Microsoft’s monumental acquisition.

As spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, the Xbox Game Pass account has posted a phony email screenshot with hidden text that reads: “The Slayer is coming.” This is visible if you take the image and enhance the contrast. “Better get excited,” Xbox’s mock email reads. “Everyone’s gonna go crazy when they hear what I’m about to tell you. Low and behold, [redacted] is coming to the service very soon!”

There are currently no Doom titles on Game Pass, though the 2016 Doom used to be part of the library. While Doom Eternal is obviously what they’re teasing here—it’s relatively new and hasn’t been on Game Pass before—it’s possible that we could see the entire

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