Decatur Tech instructor hopes STEM council will open doors for North Alabama students

A North Alabama tech coach told us she believes the Alabama STEM Council initiative will help students learn the skills necessary to fill thousands of STEM-related jobs.

Gov. Kay Ivey established the council through an executive order Monday.

WAAY-31 shows you how a Decatur instructional technology coach expects this to help not only her city, but also the state.

The council is designed to improve STEM education, career awareness and workforce development.

One tech coach told us the earlier kids get involved in STEM classes, the better.

She said it helps them get ready for a career and also with life skills.

Students in Decatur City Schools already have the opportunity to use STEM-related skills in the classroom and at home with e-learning.

But tech instructor Faith Plunkett told WAAY-31 the establishment of the STEM council will allow students to expand those skills, and learn new ones.

“They’re going to

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