Science, facing doubters, should assert its truths


Despite local doubts, science showed that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse could be safely moved back from the encroaching sea in 1999. (National Park Service photo.)

American Science is at a peak of accomplishment in many fields. But according to Holden Thorp the editor-in -chief of Science Journals (and a former Chancellor of UNC), “The scientific community is losing the battle against misinformation” in spite of the rapid pace of science advancements in America.

Thorp suggests that normal scientific communication by well reasoned op-eds, well researched newspaper articles, and science articles in magazines written for a lay audience is not working. He suggests that the problem is a “massive churning, finely tuned, digital misinformation machine that has seized social media” and is responsible for the fact that a large portion of the population doesn’t accept science. A genuine war against science is in full swing.

Take global climate change science. We

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