Edmonton Airport to host trial of new COVID-19 testing technology

In partnership with GLC Medical Inc., Edmonton Airport will run clinical trials of a new COVID-19 test that provides results in one minute.

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has been chosen as the exclusive location to trial a new COVID-19 test that can produce results in seconds.  

In partnership with GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. – a subsidiary of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. – Edmonton Airport will host clinical trials with this new technology that has the potential to have global implications for COVID-19 testing.

GLC COVID-19 test kit

Credit: GLC Medical – Prototype of the rapid COVID-19 testing unit.

The test is conducted with a handheld unit that takes a saliva sample from a person and is expected to tell if someone has COVID-19 in under one minute, compared to other tests with longer laboratory-based waiting periods for results. This test promises many advantages, from its ease of use to the elimination of the

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