Larry Ellison Says Masayoshi Son Will Serve On TikTok Board, But That’s In Dispute

The fight to keep TikTok alive in the U.S. has been a confusing geopolitical battle, and it got more confusing on Wednesday morning after Maria Bartiromo, a news anchor with Fox Business, stated that Oracle chief Larry Ellison told her Masayoshi Son of Softbank would be on the board of TikTok. 

Ellison, who has appeared on Mornings with Maria before and was scheduled to appear on Wednesday but backed out, apparently told Baritromo earlier this week that four out of the five TikTok board seats will be filled by Americans, and “the fifth one is likely going to be Japanese, Masa Son,” said Baritromo. 

That is not true, a source close to the negotiations tells Forbes. “Even the Oracle folks have no idea why Larry Ellison would have said that or why Maria would say that, but no, Masayoshi Son will not be on the

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