The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion has set a world record in light enhancement — ScienceDaily

Physical Review X recently reported on a new optical resonator from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology that is unprecedented in resonance enhancement. Developed by graduate student Jacob Kher-Alden under the supervision of Professor Tal Carmon, the Technion-born resonator has record-breaking capabilities in resonance enhancement.

A resonator is a device that traps waves and enhances or echoes them by reflecting them from wall to wall in a process called resonant enhancement. Today, there are complex and sophisticated resonators of various kinds throughout the world, as well as simple resonators familiar to all of us. Examples of this include the resonator box of a guitar, which enhances the sound produced by the strings, or the body of a flute, which enhances the sound created in the mouthpiece of the instrument.

The guitar and flute are acoustic resonators in which the sound reverberates between the walls of the resonator. In physics,

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Wealth Enhancement Group Seeks To Compete Via Tech

Minneapolis-based aggregator Wealth Enhancement Group has made two key hires that will focus on digital efforts at the firm. While the firms’s representatives would not disclose details on those efforts, WEG will employ data and predictive analytics to help its advisors better understand the wants and needs of its clients.

Terri Kallsen has joined WEG as chief operating officer and previously led Investor Services at Charles Schwab. Kallsen has also held senior positions at First Command, USAA and Thrivent Financial. Her efforts will center on improving operational efficiency at the firm. 

The other hire is Utkarsh Patel, who has taken on the combined role of chief marketing and digital officer. Patel most recently led First Abu Dhabi Bank’s digital strategy efforts.

In addition to the hires, WEG has appointed A. Charles Thomas, formerly the head of data science and growth analytics for Microsoft’s Cloud + AI unit. According to the

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