Underprivileged students enrolled in AMC-run schools struggle to study without access to smartphone

As online replaces classroom learning and most of us are happy that our kids are learning from the safe confines of our homes, nine underprivileged students enrolled in AMC-run schools are struggling to study without access to mobile phone

In a Covid-19 ravaged world, with uncertainty looming over the reopening of schools and education taking the online route, a large section of underprivileged children are bereft of the resources required to join the classes.

While it is easy for most of us to switch on our mobile phones or log into our personal computers to ensure that our child’s basic right is not denied, it is beyond the reach of a section of society. They are worried about the future of their children as they cannot afford a smartphone and have no access to the internet, which is necessary for learning in the Covid-19 affected world.

Bhumika Shrimali, a Class

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