Markets Enter New Phase | Seeking Alpha

The financial markets have been driven by the coronavirus, Fed policy, government stimulus, and politics up to now, but a change is in order.

We now see an earnings driven market, which will benefit active over passive managers and hard research, which is our forte. We recommend focusing on operating margins as corporations have done a great job navigating through the pandemic cutting costs, using more technology, shifting more functions online, and restructuring operations/supply lines. All of this is occurring faster than we assumed a few months ago when we began focusing on improving operating margins, operating profits, and cash flow.

Not all companies will benefit equally. We expect the larger, well-financed companies with forward-thinking management to significantly increase market share at the expense of small and medium less-financed competitors. Expect many of them to provide dividend hikes, renew buybacks, and make bolt-on acquisitions. Listen closely to the upcoming earnings

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SiO2 and Canadian Government Enter Into Agreement for Supply of Hybrid Vials and Syringes for COVID-19 Vaccines

AUBURN, Ala., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —┬áSiO2, an advanced materials science company, and the government of Canada have entered into a supply agreement for hybrid vials and syringes. The hybrid vials and syringes are a fusion of a plastic polymer exterior shell with a glass-like barrier coating on the inside. Both vials and syringes have been tested in cold temperature storage situations and are compatible down to -80 degrees Celsius. The vials and syringes will be filled in Canada and have been selected due to the flexibility and performance across a wide degree of thermal and supply chain situations.

“The Canadian government has signed two contracts with SiO2 for syringes and vials for use in filling vaccines,” said The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada. ” The vials we are receiving from SiO2 are anticipated to provide filling for up to 80 million doses.

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