Typeface that looks like handwriting works best with warm message, study finds — ScienceDaily

Appeals seeking donations to help fight hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic were more successful when the typeface in which the appeal was written mirrored the tone of the donation request, a new study has found.

In a study that asked prospective donors to consider whether and how much to give to a local food bank to help fight hunger during the coronavirus pandemic, researchers found that donors were more likely to give when heartfelt messages were written in typefaces that looked like handwriting, and when messages that talked about the power of an organization were written in typeface that looked more business-like.

In other words, make the font match the message to get more donations, the researchers said.

“Our research suggests that simply changing the typeface of appeals messages could make those appeals stronger and encourage people to make donations,” said Huiling Huang, a consumer sciences doctoral student at The

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Doorvest raised $128,000 from friends and family with a text message

  • Many entrepreneurs raise seed money for their startups through friends and family funding.
  • Friends and family generally offer better terms and demand less oversight than most institutional investors, which is the appeal of this kind of seed round.
  • The cofounders of Doorvest, Andrew Luong and Justin Kasad, avoided the discomfort by texting their loved ones an invitation to invest.
  • They received over $128,000 through 23 different friends and family investors. After opening up Doorvest to institutional investment, the startup raised $1 million in total pre-seed funding, according to a spreadsheet shared with Business Insider.
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Founder Andrew Luong knew that he and his business partner, Justin Kasad, were onto something with their startup idea, Doorvest. The company helps users own high-yield, single-family rental homes by streamlining the process of researching, acquiring, renovating, and then renting a property.

When the two decided to raise

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Market Correction Is Continuing, But Changing its Message

The stock market sell-off is indeed dragging on Monday, but it just took a twist. The market is telling us something a little bit different than what it was telling us in the first leg of the selling earlier this month.

Monday, the S&P 500 fell as much as 2% by mid-afternoon. The tech-heavy Nasdaq fell 1%.

But let’s take a look at the first bit of market pressure against what we are seeing Monday. The fears are changing and so are the price movements of some of the U.S. market’s premier stocks.

Between September 2 and September 11, the Nasdaq 100 fell 10.7%. In that time, the Vanguard S&P 500 Value ETF  (VOOV) – Get Report fell 4.3%. Value bulls don’t want to hear this, but value actually began to outperform growth, even though it was in the form of downside price movement. Growth tech stocks were

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Friends join Sara Ali Khan for a weekend of partying; Ali Fazal has a message for Denzel Washington

Friends join Sara Ali Khan for a weekend of partying; Ali Fazal has a message for Denzel Washington
Mirror Lights

► Friends join Sara Ali Khan for a weekend of partying

After spending her birthday month in a pool house, Sara Ali Khan seems to be in no mood to return. She has invited her friends over to the beach destination for a staycation. Sharing a pic of herself floating around in the pool, Sara quipped, “Gulab in Gulabi on Gulabo”. Despite being surrounded by friends, she chose to stick to reading historical non-fiction The Square and the Tower, even with heart-shaped glares on. Must be quite a page-turner, no?

Ali Fazal gets jealous about Richa Chadha mooning over Denzel Washington

Ali Fazal may have to wait till next year to marry actress-girlfriend Richa Chadha but that won’t stop him from professing his love for her on social media. But, instead of sharing a loved up pic, Ali

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