Hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism — ScienceDaily

Hair follicle stem cells, which promote hair growth, can prolong their life by switching their metabolic state. In experiments conducted with mice, a research group active in Helsinki and Cologne, Germany, has demonstrated that a protein called Rictor holds a key role in the process.

The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal.

Mechanisms that regulate stem cells

Ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors damage our skin and other tissues every day, with the body continuously removing and renewing the damaged tissue. On average, humans shed daily 500 million cells and a quantity of hairs weighing a total of 1.5 grams.

The dead material is replaced by specialised stem cells that promote tissue growth. Tissue function is dependent on the activity and health of these stem cells, as impaired activity results in the ageing of the tissues.

“Although the critical role of stem cells in ageing is established, little

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Can You Boost Your Metabolism? Here’s What the Science Says

Michal Mor hopes that one day, checking metabolism could be as routine as brushing your teeth. “The vision is that everyone manages lifestyle based on their unique metabolism,” she says. “It’s this metric that will help us live longer and healthier.” 

In May, Mor and her twin sister Merav — both of them Ironman competitors with doctorates in psychology — launched Lumen. The device, they say, helps users track and “hack” their metabolism. It’s a simple concept: Breathe into the small black device, no bigger than an asthma inhaler, and receive a status report on what’s called your metabolic flexibility. Then use that information to make lifestyle changes to boost performance and see an uptick in health.

The gadget has arrived among rising clamour from biohackers, intermittent fasting aficionados and rival tech developers (such as ketosis tracker Keyto) that insist the secret to a long, healthy life boils down to

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Tyme Technologies: Killing Cancer By Compromising Tumor Cell Metabolism (NASDAQ:TYME)

Tyme Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:TYME) is an emerging biotechnology company developing Cancer Metabolism-Based Therapies (CMBTs) that are intended to be effective across various solid tumors and hematologic cancers, while having low toxicity profile. The company’s therapy is designed to compromise the cancer cell’s innate metabolic weaknesses, resulting in cell death through oxidative stress and exposure to the body’s natural immune system. The mechanism of action of CMBT is naturally more effective and safer than other therapies.


The company’s lead candidates, SM-88 (racemetyrosine) and TYME-18, are first-in-class CMBT compounds. Early clinical results from trials of SM-88 in multiple advanced cancers, including pancreatic, prostate, sarcomas and breast, demonstrate the potential of the company’s CMBT pipeline, offering a new option for long-term management of advanced cancers.

(Image source: company website)

The company’s lead candidate at an advanced stage is SM-88, “an oral investigational modified proprietary tyrosine derivative that is hypothesized to interrupt the

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