Insight: Decoding Property Technology – Metropolis

A/O Proptech, a venture capital firm that launched this past February, works with companies seeking to transform real estate through technology. Among the start-ups it has invested in is London-based Bricklane, which makes it easier to put money into real estate. Other investments include Fornova, a data tool for hotels, and Plentific, a property management platform. Courtesy Bricklane

During the lockdown implemented to combat COVID-19, many Americans immediately began to take stock of their essentials. While toilet paper and hand sanitizer were the items widely covered by the media, one study found that most Americans—53 percent—also added internet access to that list.

For the select subset of the country fortunate enough to transition their job to a remote setting, internet, specifically a high-speed connection, became a crucial part of their day-to-day lives. As society identifies essential items to determine priorities for reopening and reentry, technology is key because it’s a

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