Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey backs Bitcoin and blockchain technology as the future of microblogging site; Details

Dorsey has been a vocal advocate of cryptocurrency for a long time.

Blockchain Technology: Twitter CEO backs blockchain technology for microblogging site’s security! CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey has reasserted his stand that in order to keep his social media platform more secure from hackers, Bitcoin and blockchain technology is the future. Last year, he had announced a Bluesky, a non-profit platform for the development of a decentralised and open social media standard. During the Oslo Freedom Forum 2020, held virtually, Dorsey last Friday said that Bitcoin and blockchain indicate a world where content would live forever, adding that they were not in a content hosting business anymore, but rather in the discovery business.

Dorsey’s expectations from Bluesky is of the creation of an open Twitter protocol that would also invite contributions from users, as well as allow users to access data from. This would be different from

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