A New 360 Camera From The Minds Behind The Original

In the beginning, there was the Ricoh Theta. The small, convenient camera was the first to bring 360 photography to the masses. From Tiny Planets to 360 photospheres, it was a new way to photograph the world. I bought one immediately.

The 360 camera market has grown and changed considerably since then, with the GoPro Max and Insta360 One R dominating the discussion. But these high-end, high-performance cameras aren’t what everyone needs.

Enter Vecnos, a company spun out of Ricoh, that features many of the people who worked on the Theta. The IQUI, pronounced ee-qui, is their first camera. It’s a sleek, pencil-like design for those who don’t need something elaborate like the Max and One R. It’s for people who just want to take some cool pictures and videos when they’re out with their friends and share the results easily.

Here’s a look.


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