Modi launches property card scheme to aid rural households

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a property card scheme on Sunday that he vowed would provide clarity of property rights in villages and enable farmers to use their property as collateral for loans from financial institutions.

Two-thirds of¬†India’s population¬†lives in rural areas, where few possess proper land records and property disputes are common.

“This is a historic effort towards rural transformation,” Modi said in a webcast speech while launching the programme.

The government plans to use drone technology to map land parcels in rural areas and cover some 620,000 villages over the next four years, Modi said.

“Despite owning houses, people were facing multiple problems while borrowing from banks. These people can now borrow very easily from banks after showing property cards issued under ownership scheme,” Modi said.

An initial batch of 100,000 people from over 750 villages across six states will begin to receive

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Future of a nation is what its youth think today: PM Modi

New Delhi [India], September 22 (ANI): The future of a country is what its youth think today and this is the time to be future-ready, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.
“The future of a nation is what its youth think today. Your dreams are going to shape the reality of India. This is the time to be future-ready. In the last few days, you may have discussed the National Education Policy (NEP). It is for the youth of 21st-Century who will lead the country and make India a global leader in science and technology,” said Prime Minister Modi while addressing the convocation of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati through video-conferencing.
“Under NEP 2020, education and examination will not be a burden. Multiple exits and entry option have been given in NEP. Under NEP, students will read about technology through technology. Through this policy, admission and assessment will

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