Chemists create new crystal form of insecticide, boosting its ability to fight mosquitoes and malaria — ScienceDaily

Through a simple process of heating and cooling, New York University researchers have created a new crystal form of deltamethrin — a common insecticide used to control malaria — resulting in an insecticide that is up to 12 times more effective against mosquitoes than the existing form.

The findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), may provide a much-needed and affordable insecticide alternative in the face of growing resistance among mosquitoes.

“The use of more active crystal forms of insecticides is a simple and powerful strategy for improving commercially available compounds for malaria control, circumventing the need for developing new products in the ongoing fight against mosquito-borne diseases,” said Bart Kahr, professor of chemistry at NYU and one of the study’s senior authors.

“Improvements in malaria control are needed as urgently as ever during the global COVID-19 crisis,” added Kahr. “The number of

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St. Lucie County using new technology to fight mosquitoes

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — The calendar says there are only a few more days left in summer, but a summertime pest shows no signs of disappearing.

In St. Lucie County, they built some new technology to get a handle on the area mosquito population.

When it comes to mosquitoes, 2020 has not been a bad year.

“It’s very hot, very dry. Fortunately for us, it hasn’t been a killer year,” according to Roger Jacobsen, the assistant director for mosquito control in St. Lucie County.

But to be more efficient mosquito killers, the county has a new mosquito counter that counts the pests in real-time.

A set of fans pump out carbon dioxide to lure in the pests.

St. Lucie County Mosquito Control trap


St. Lucie County Mosquito Control workers are using new traps to keep track of the number and varieties of insects.

“The mosquito flies inside here [and] goes past the counter. The fan

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