Researchers use multi-ancestry comparison to refine risk factors for coronary artery disease — ScienceDaily

An international group led by researchers from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences have used a combination of genome-wide association analysis — or GWAS — and a trans-ancestry comparison of different GWAS studies, to come up with a more accurate predictor of coronary artery disease based on genetic factors.

It is known that coronary artery disease — the world’s leading cause of death — is highly heritable, and in some cases, most notably the PCSK9 gene, the knowledge of genetic associations has contributed to the development of therapies. Genetic Risk Scores based on genetic information can accurately predict the onset of disease in individuals. However, studies so far have focused primarily on European populations, and it is not clear whether the results apply to other ancestry populations.

In the present study, published in Nature Genetics, the team performed two important tasks. First, they looked at the genetics of

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