The Multi-Faceted Mall Security Guard At A Multi-Faceted Jewel

One of the most frequently-used phrases at business events these days is “the future of work.” It’s increasingly clear that artificial intelligence and other new technologies will bring substantial changes in work tasks and business processes. But while these changes are predicted for the future, they’re already present in many organizations for many different jobs. The job and incumbents described below are an example of this phenomenon. Steve Miller of Singapore Management University and I co-authored the story.

The world’s most famous mall security guard is probably Paul Blart, who defended a mall (one near Tom in the Boston area) on his Segway from a gang of crooks in the 2009 movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop. As usual, however, the portrayal of the role in a fictional movie doesn’t mirror reality, and especially not the state-of-the-art reality for security guards at one of the most amazing malls on this

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