Adelaide’s Vintek acquired by multinational reseller New Era Technology – Services

Adelaide-based IT consultancy Vintek Group has been acquired by US-headquartered managed services provider New Era Technology for an undisclosed sum.

The deal also includes sibling companies Invervolve, a data centre and cloud hosting provider, and CloudCentral, a wholesale cloud services provider.

In a blog post on Vintek’s website, founder Paul Vinton said New Era was looking to expand its operations in Australia and New Zealand.

“[New Era] approached us as we were incredibly aligned to their offerings and value systems,” Vinton said.

US-headquartered New Era also has a presence in the United Kingdom and an existing presence in Australia and New Zealand. The company also has a network operations centre in each country, as well as a US-based AV network operations centre.

New Era counts Cisco, Aruba, Fortinet, Microsoft, Palo Alto and more as some of its vendor partners.

Vinton said the acquisition won’t change much of Vintek’s operations, saying

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New study finds that large, multi-national organizations are not always crucial to local supply chains — ScienceDaily

From toilet paper to industrial chemicals, there’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to global supply chains.

But how important are large, multinational companies in maintaining both local and international logistic networks and should governments be so focused on maintaining larger organisations through subsidies and bail-outs over their smaller counterparts?

A new network analysis by researchers from the University of Sydney’s School of Project Management and the Centre for Complex Systems within the School of Civil Engineering has found that large, multi-national organisations are not always as crucial to local supply chains, and that it’s sometimes the smaller operators that can deliver the hardest logistic shocks to a community when disrupted.

“In the current context where a pandemic is spreading in the world, industry output has already been severely impacted and supply chains have been disrupted. The full effect of this will only become apparent in coming months

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