Apple, Amazon and Google will emerge as winners: Gene Munster

Long-time tech analyst Gene Munster believes big tech is on the cusp of a major shift: It’s becoming a stock pickers’ market.

The Loup Ventures founder and managing partner expects FAANG stocks, otherwise known as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, will fail to collectively rally like they did during most of 2020’s record run.

“There’s going to be a fracturing of the performance within FAANG,” Munster told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Tuesday. “Think of that group of haves being Apple, Amazon and Google, and the have nots being Netflix and Facebook.”

Munster sees the split coming down to adapting to the coronavirus — as well as evolving and thriving in a post-pandemic world.

“The companies that are the haves are ultimately going to be involved in much bigger businesses,” said Munster.

He’s most bullish on Apple’s prospects, and highlights its innovation in the health and wellness space. 

“It’s very

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