UI, Create Button Functions Are Still Mysteries One Month Before Launch


  • Prospective PS5 buyers remain intrigued over the UI and create button
  • Despite allowing people to demo games, Sony has yet to reveal these DualSense functions 
  • It remains uncertain if Sony will clear these up before the console launches on Nov. 12

Despite the PlayStation 5 console launch rapidly approaching, Sony is still keeping certain aspects of its DualSense controller a mystery.

During a recent preview event, both the console’s menus and the new controller button were purposely made inaccessible to players who had the opportunity to try the new system, Screen Rant noted.

The Verge reported that some members of the Japanese media and influencers were given early access to the PS5 at an event and were allowed to play some games on the console. Footage from “Astro’s Playroom,” “Godfall” and some other games were posted online, but attendees were not given access to the unit’s user interface.

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