DVIDS – News – Nano-Bio Materials Consortium and AFRL release RFP for Smart MedTech innovations

The Nano-Bio Materials Consortium (NBMC), led by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in partnership with SEMI, have publicly released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for dual-use projects designed to accelerate Smart MedTech innovations in health monitoring, diagnostics and performance augmentation. AFRL has provided primary funding for the approximate $7 million fiscal year 2021 call for projects as part of its mission to address key capability and technology gaps in support of human performance monitoring and aeromedical evacuation.

NBMC was founded in 2013 to bring together scientists, engineers and business development professionals from industry, government and universities to collaborate in research and development. To date, NBMC has funded 26 separate projects, with more than 24 organizational participants. They have developed materials, electronics, microfluidics, manufacturing processes and algorithms to create low-cost, wearable sensors. Most of these integrated sensing systems communicate wirelessly, are flexible, and incorporate high-performance silicon devices that are

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