Microsoft Highlights Future Of Work With Teams Updates (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Having recently passed the six-month point since the COVID-19 pandemic started impacting workplace environments in a big way, and now headed into a fall and winter season that some fear could make things worse, there are a lot of organizations thinking and planning for the future of work.

At its recent Ignite customer event, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) highlighted that it is clearly one of those companies thinking about the evolving work environment by unveiling several important new additions to its Teams collaboration platform. What’s most interesting about these developments isn’t the functionality they bring – though that’s certainly valuable – but how they reflect bigger picture issues about the evolution of the workplace.

At a basic level, some of the new Teams features are add-ons in the seemingly never-ending race to bring more flexibility to videoconferencing applications. As most of us do more and more videoconferences, it’s becoming painfully obvious that

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