Nasdaq Women in Technology: Niharika Sharma, Senior Software Engineer, Nasdaq’s Machine Intelligence Lab

Women in Tech: Niharika Sharma

Niharika Sharma is a Senior Software Engineer for Nasdaq’s Machine Intelligence Lab. She designs systems that gather, process and apply machine learning/natural language processing technologies on natural language data, generating valuable insights to support business decisions. Over the past years, she worked on Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Surveillance Automation for Nasdaq Advisory Services. We sat down with Niharika to learn more about how she got her start in computer science and how she approaches challenges in her career.

Can you describe your day-to-day as a senior software engineer at Nasdaq?

My day-to-day work involves collaborating with Data Scientists to solve problems, ideating business possibilities with product teams and working with Data/Software Engineers to transform ideas into solutions.

How did you become involved in the technology industry, and how has technology influenced your role?

My first exposure to Computer Science was a Logo programming class that I took as a

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Nasdaq’s Technology of the Future Conference: A Conversation with Nasdaq President and CEO Adena Friedman

Nasdaq’s biennial Technology of the Future (ToF) conference, now in its 17th (and first virtual) edition, brings together Nasdaq’s global Market Technology customer community, to discuss how marketplace operators can evolve their businesses and embrace emerging technologies as they look to advance their capital market ecosystems.

As part of the conference, Lars Ottersgård, EVP and Head of Market Technology spoke with Nasdaq’s President and CEO Adena Friedman on the state of technology in the capital markets in 2020.

An abridged version of their conversation is what follows.

These past months coping with a global pandemic have changed the economic outlook and everyday life for people across the globe. We have seen extreme market conditions while managing new work from home realities. In terms of the unusual market conditions, how has Nasdaq as a market operator and a technology partner handled the market volatility and the technology resiliency challenges

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4 Tech Stocks DEFYING the NASDAQ’s Weakness

The tech-heavy NASDAQ index is currently in the midst of correction. The index has fallen over 10% since hitting its year-to-date high of $12,074 on September 2nd. The NASDAQ’s recent weakness is viewed as a result of excessive bullishness around technology and growth stocks over the last few months. The key reasons behind the tech-led sell-off is profit taking and sector rotation.

Despite the index’s recent sell-off, there are still some technology stocks that have been significantly outperforming. These technology stocks are being driven up by the strength of their fundamentals and positive business trends. There is still significant upside left in these stocks due to a continued rise in demand for their products and services. These stocks have been constantly innovating, and their leadership positions in their respective fields bodes well for their future performance.

Zoom Video Communications (ZM), Snap, Inc. (SNAP), Pinterest, Inc. (PINS), and Digital Turbine, Inc.

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