Social Native Acquires Olapic to Create Next-Gen Creative Optimization Platform

Social Native, a marketplace technology company that empowers marketers to source and optimize visual content to improve brand awareness and performance, announced today the acquisition of Olapic, a leading user-generated, influencer, and short-form video content platform for hundreds of brands worldwide.

As customer attention becomes harder and harder to capture, brands need a scalable and more efficient content solution to evaluate, refine and optimize their visual content strategy. The acquisition of Olapic solidifies Social Native’s goal of delivering an all-in-one platform that provides brands with data-driven insights, scales content creation, measures the impact of their work, and optimizes content for even greater results.

“Data is the critical ingredient that feeds artificial intelligence and ultimately drives results,” says David Shadpour, Founder and CEO of Social Native. “Our combined machine-learning technologies benefit from millions of unique data points – from analysis of over a hundred thousand visual assets created by Social Native’s

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Sarasota native works with storied Penn State professor



The best education demands a joint search for learning between exciting instructors and able students. That self-evident principle lies at the core of a New College education.   

Adherence to that principle explains why New College produces so many Fulbright and Goldwater scholars; why so many graduates go on to overachieve in careers in law, medicine, government, and the arts; and why, proportionately, more New College graduates subsequently receive doctorates in science than graduates of all but seven other institutions in the United States.   

So what does that principle look like on the ground?

New College of Florida president Donal O'Shea

To cite just one example from the class that graduated in May, consider Matt Mancini. A Sarasota native, Mancini is pursuing his doctorate at Penn State University on an endowed research assistantship that pays tuition, fees, living expenses and a stipend in the lab of storied

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