The Nefarious Nature of Chinese Drones

Chinese access to research, data streams, and information collected within the United States is under increasing scrutiny. While the threat to your personal data or our nation’s critical security information comes from many directions, the biggest wolves in sheep’s clothing are Chinese-based corporations.

This isn’t just happenstance. Chinese corporations are legally obligated to serve the purposes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has used every collection method and form of technology at its disposal to collect or even steal government, corporate, and private data.

The latest technological opportunity is small drones.

Chinese counterespionage and national-intelligence laws make sharing of data collected by Chinese-based corporations mandatory, which means there is no boundary or separation between those corporations and the CCP. Whether using stealthy mechanisms or brute force, the methods and depth that brutal government is willing to go to pilfer that data is hard to fathom fully.


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