Blue and White minister: We’ll depose Netanyahu if he goes to elections

Science and Technology Minister Izhar Shay has threatened that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to go to new elections during the current crisis the Blue and White party will “ensure” that he does not remain in his position.The minister’s comments come as trust between Netanyahu’s Likud and its senior coalition partner Blue and White has sunk to new lows in recent days, amid a renewed fight over the state budget and political demonstrations.“The Likud is going to abuse the citizens; whoever goes to elections will pay the price,” said Shai on Channel 12’s Meet the Press program in reference to comments made by Likud MKs and coalition chairman Miki Zohar of late calling on the prime minister to break up the coalition.“The Likud made known this week through Miki Zohar that they will not work on the budget in order to dismantle the government,” said Shai.A state budget for
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