Mercedes-Benz’s newest electric city bus uses solid-state batteries

Lithium-ion battery technology has made impressive gains over the years. Today’s cells are cheaper than they’ve ever been, but lithium-ion still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of energy density compared to liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Which means that putting enough of them in a car to give it an acceptable range adds a lot of mass and volume. Which is where solid-state batteries come in.

In a traditional battery, a pair of electrodes are immersed in an electrolyte solution, and it’s this liquid electrolyte that allows ions to

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Amazon’s newest Ring device is a flying security camera drone

  • Amazon’s smart security subsidiary, Ring, launched an autonomous indoor security camera. 
  • The drone flies throughout the home on predetermined paths and automatically responds to security alarms.
  • The Always Home Cam costs $250 and will be available in 2021.

Amazon unveils new products, including a home security drone



Amazon is launching a new Ring security camera that’s fixed on top of a flying drone. 


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Called the Ring Always Home Cam, it’s an autonomous indoor security camera that can fly inside your home and record footage of multiple viewpoints. Users set a path for the device to fly throughout the home. When the device isn’t in the air, it locks into a dock that blocks the camera, in an effort to assuage privacy concerns.

Amazon unveiled the device during its virtual hardware event on Thursday alongside a slew of new products. The company announced upgraded

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