NSF award helps professors develop a data science course for non-computing majors

Rochester Institute of Technology professors have received a National Science Foundation award to develop a hands-on data science course for non-computing majors. The course will first be offered at RIT and then across the country, in an effort to promote computing for all.

RIT plans to start offering the new Data Science Principles course in fall 2021. During the course, students from many different backgrounds can learn how to extract knowledge and patterns from data that’s important to their field — and all without needing to know how to program or code.

The demand for data science knowledge stretches beyond computing to many disciplines that have become data-driven, including business, engineering, science, healthcare, and the humanities. According to an IBM study, the number of data science and analytics job listings will grow to about 2.7 million in the U.S. this year, a demand that won’t be met unless universities begin

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